That’s Coffee : your coffee story’

“Coffee is a language in itself.”  ~Jackie Chan

  Whether it’s a boring lecture you want to survive, or devoid of sleep you want to keep your drowsiness at bay, or you just want to enjoy a lovely evening with your favorite Mug and that book you always wanted to read!, whatever be the reason you may consider having that warm brown liquid – ‘The Coffee’. Just the smell of a freshly brewed cup maybe enough to calm your nerves and the warmth of it no lesser than a hug. I think all the Coffee Lovers will agree with that statement. So, Let’s hop-in and explore a little bit about this Miracle Drink.

 Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee-beans, which are the seeds of berries from the Coffee plant! The word Coffee came from kahveh (Turkish) in Late 16th Century. The first accounted story of Coffee Beans date back to 11th Century Ethiopia, but unlike modern Brews for casual drinking, there concoction was used for medicinal properties. Gradually it spread to Istanbul (the then Turkey) during early 16th or late 15th Century (depending on which source you are citing). Today, Coffee has truly become from luxury (consumed in palace by ottoman ruler of Istanbul) to a mass commodity, it has come so far from Istanbul to become ‘one of most popular beverage world-wide’.

 No, matter how you like that Cup of Coffee, Light or Strong, with Accompaniment or without, Cold or Hot, Irish, Vietnamese or Turkish, in a regular paper-cup or porcelain, whether you buy it in few cents or whopping 914 U$, from a local store, homemade, or a famous chain; there is one commonality in all, one main ingredient, the Perfect creation of God – ‘The Coffee Beans’.

 The process followed from Coffee Plant to your favorite cup of Coffee comprises mainly of Six stages:

1. Harvesting the fruit of the coffee plant, be it your favorite Arabica, Robusta or any other.
2. Removing the pulpy exterior.
3. Drying the beans (seeds).
4. Parchment removal.
5. Roasting
6. Brewing
7. Addition of Flavor (Optional)

 So Sip it, Slurp it, or Gulp it, with added sweetness or without it, with milk or without milk, flavored or devoid of any; whichever way you prefer that goddamn Cup. 

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When it was Cooked!

When I was 13, I remember how i got this craze for cooking something after my friend declared she knows how to cook an Omelette. Below I have tried to describe my plight as a poem. [For real recipes do follow us at Instagram/twitter @chefalite or write to us at]

In My First try I got it all spilled, 
my fingers wet, It was so Complicated!
Mom rebuked, that I got all wrong…
I demanded second trial!cook

Father growled, like a Lion roared; 
Hiding my tears,
I managed to put aside the fear, 
And started afresh though afraid.

Everyone was Biased,
saying its too complicated for me, 
As I overcooked, Burnt smell all-around,
Ashamed!, I couldn’t ask another trial.

Days passed,
In Middle of some mid-night, 
In the darkness when all asleep
I cracked it!

This time perfectly, 
Here a little Cheese,
there those tomatoes, with a pinch of Salt, 
A gently cooked ‘Omelette’ to finish!

It was as if a Chef was born, 
though days would pass, 
till I get another chance, 
for Cheffing the next thing Easy!

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